Make Them Suffer // Neverbloom (official video)
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Anonymous said: Saddest song you know?


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THE FACELESS-SUMMER SLAUGHTER 2014 by paul.imburgia on Flickr.
Fallujah @ Trocadero Theater by maclynbeanphotography on Flickr.
Born Of Osiris by ashleysetzerphoto on Flickr.
Protest The Hero by amandabrenchleyphotography on Flickr.
Nine Inch Nails by Moy Triana on Flickr.
Periphery @ Ancienne Belgique by B.Romain on Flickr.

Probably only gonna post 1 or 2 lyric signs a week from now on, with exceptions for ones made to coincide with album releases.

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Album artwork for As Artifacts' upcoming EP, In Blood and Light