Ask me “have you evers!”

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Anonymous asked: Like porn?

Only when I have a no reason boner

ischill asked: Where did you see teserract on the altered state tour?

I didn’t.

TesseracT by Todd Sipes on Flickr.

primal—directive replied to your post:Why are there almost no photos at all of…

if only they played in Toronto, i would have posted some kickass shots

Obviously, your photos are the shit haha

Seriously, all of you need to follow her, because she takes awesome photos of awesome bands

Why are there almost no photos at all of Cloudkicker and Intronaut from the TesseracT tour?


Erra by TD Wehle on Flickr.


I have an Instagram, if any of you want to follow me there


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I Killed The Prom Queen-10 by Gwendolyn Lee on Flickr.


If someone compliments you, instead of saying how wrong they are, making them feel awkward and yourself look like a dickhead, just say thank you. 

Don’t completely fucking disregard them either. That just makes you look like an asshole. It’s not that hard to just say “thank you”.